Interior Design

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Henderson Quality Building has teamed up with Shelly Reimer Design to bring you your design services and colour selections when building your custom home with us.

Shelly and her team are top notch... with lots of experience, friendly nature and professionalism. Shelly Reimer Design is a professional interior design firm dedicated to working with home developers, builders and owners to create beautiful and engaging, livable spaces that are as functional as they are inspirational.
Interior Designer
For as long as I can remember, I have been crazy about design… whether it be interiors, colour or fashion, I LOVE design!
Interior Designer
Shelly Reimer
I started in the beauty industry doing hair and makeup, as well as managing a retail distributor. After having a child, I wanted to get back to work but still be there for my daughter, so I took a part time position at a family owned decor and lifestyle boutique. It was the perfect outlet for me to help clients beautify not only themselves with fashion and jewellery, but also extend into the design of their homes.

That was a stepping stone that led me to start my own business, starting first as a personal stylist and eventually evolving into the company I run today, Shelly Reimer Design. Over the years I’ve gained a lot of experience with different aspects of the business including project management, budgeting, and warehousing furniture. I have put together an amazing team of talented and passionate people. Together we work with clients to design beautiful spaces that are perfect for them!
Whether it’s a show home, or a family home, Shelly Reimer will put their passion for quality into every room to make sure even the smallest detail is absolutely perfect. We are very excited to be working her!